Tools for volunteer managers, designed by volunteer managers

When you're trying to improve your company, community, or city, spreadsheets, Google docs, and outdated, legacy tools don't always get the job done.

We know what it's like to plan dozens of volunteer events in different places at the same time, then recruit and coordinate hundreds - even thousands - of volunteers and supporters around a mission, goal, or corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative.

And we also know the more ambitious your volunteer program and goals are, the harder it is to coordinate logistics, track volunteer hours, manage volunteer communications, and measure the impact of your volunteers, supporters, and teams.

That's why we designed Brightest from the ground up to simplify building community, virtually recruiting and managing volunteers, social impact measurement, and more.

purposeful work and employee engagement


People love to spend their time meaningfully. Whether you're a growing, local non-profit looking to streamline and scale a volunteer program, or a national organization working to mobilize more people for good, Brightest makes every step of recruiting and managing volunteers seamless, transparent, friendly, and easy to keep track of.

employee engagement measurement and analytics


Brightest provides a modern, easy-to-use, and unified website and tool set for volunteer recruitment and sign ups, managing applications, surveys and background checks, sending volunteer communications, tracking hours, involvement, and impact, and measuring success.

onboarding, training, and integrations


We know successful software rollouts are as much about training, onboarding, and ease-of-use as they are the technology itself. That's why we make sure everything about Brightest - from comprehensive training and deployment model to our 100+ integrations (including Slack) - is designed to get it up and running quick (and your people loving it ).

We Help Volunteer Organizers and Managers at Changemakers Like
Girls Inc
Alter Eco
Crohns Foundation
Sunrise Movement
March for Science

We started Brightest (and still get out of bed every day ☕) to inspire more people to spend their time meaningfully and help social impact organizations do more. If it sounds like our missions match, we'd be happy to introduce ourselves and tell you more.

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